Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain in Libertyville, IL

Libertyville Wellness Group is the place to go if you need chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain in Libertyville, IL.

Many people immediately think of backs and necks when they think of chiropractors, but the fact is that their abilities aren’t just limited to the spine. Most are trained to adjust other joints, including the shoulders. You use your shoulders for many daily activities, so it’s important that you can access their full range of motion.
When you’re suffering from shoulder pain that prevents you from doing daily activities it’s time to make a change and find something that works. Whether you struggle with pain during intense exercise or find that just putting on a shirt has become a challenge, we’ll help you get on the path to recovery. Chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive treatments that can help you regain motion and strength, allowing you to continue doing not only the things you need to do, but also the things you love.
The shoulder joint is the most mobile in the body, and this presents more opportunities for inflammation, injury, and other issues. It’s surrounded by tendons, muscles, bones, and ligaments, all of which are susceptible to damage. When they’re thrown out of alignment, the ligaments and muscles pull improperly, leading to pain and inflammation. Whether you’re suffering from frozen shoulder, tendinitis, a rotator cuff injury, or something else, we can help you get your strength and range of motion back with chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain.

Our shoulder chiropractor can adjust the back and neck in addition to the shoulders. Achieving proper alignment allows your body to perform at its full potential, which is why correcting the spine can usually help with pain in other areas of the body. To discuss your options or schedule an appointment, contact our shoulder chiropractor in Libertyville, IL, today.